Pulling for Twin Tops Fish Camp!


This from the owner of Twin Tops Fish Camp: “ Hello everyone I am Dana Dills Ratchford, my husband Mike and I own Twin Tops now. I understand you all are wondering what’s going on and we have had every intention of reopening dining room. Unfortunately things haven’t worked in our favor and the construction wasn’t something we just wanted to do and it was things we had not even planned on financially. It is disheartening for our family and we would love nothing more than to be open and seeing our friends and family dining with us. Yes… we are struggling and it’s not fun! So please before you say things that can be hurtful please know we are good people and we are trying to do our best to push forward daily. You don’t know how hard this has been for us and you don’t walk the path with us either and we are doing everything in our ability to get things completed and move forward. If you don’t have something nice to say then just don’t say it… it isn’t that hard! You don’t know what we are dealing with and we are just trying to make it. You can pray for us… just pray that things turn around and get better for us. I would greatly appreciate the prayers! “