Wizard of Oz fans!


Tickets for the 30th Anniversary of Autumn at Oz at Beech Mountain will go live on June 16th!

Festival dates: September 8th- 10th, 15th-17th, 22nd-24th!

The Land of Oz was a fully functioning theme park that operated between 1970-1980. The brainchild of designer Jack Pentes and built by Grover Robbins and his brothers Harry and Spencer through their company Carolina Caribbean Corporation, Land of Oz would be a top-quality experience during its first five seasons. After a fire that was set to Emerald City in 1975, the park would be rebuilt under new management from the 1976 season until it closed in the fall of 1980.

Currently, while Land of Oz is not a fully functioning theme park, it offers many public events that celebrate the magic and legacy of all things Oz!