Air Conditioning anyone? AC’s Gaston County roots…

With the summer heat we are experiencing, it’s seems unthinkable that folks not so long ago had to do without air conditioning.

In 1901 William Carrier built what is considered the first electric air conditioner. It was installed in a printing company to control both the temperature and humidity. This ensured consistent paper dimensions and ink delivery.

Later, in 1906 Stuart Cramer was looking for a way to add moisture to the air in his textile mills. Dry air caused the threads to break more easily. Cramer filed for a patent for what he called “water conditioning”, which he also called air conditioning. Willis Carrier adopted the term and incorporated it into his company name.

As you may know, Stuart Warren Cramer  was an American engineer, inventor, and contractor, who gained prominence after designing and building nearly 150 cotton mills in the southern United States. He was the founder of Cramerton, and became involved in the nascent air conditioning industry, as well as being a founding partner in Duke Power.

So does that make Cramerton the “coolest” place in the US?