Grilled Flatbread Pizzas


Grilling is one of my favorite styles of cooking because I love the flavor it gives food. I also love pizza and the creativity you can have with this wonderful food. In my eyes, the two ideas combined is genius. This recipe is simple, easy and fun to prepare with friends and family.

Grilled Flat Bread Pizza
As shown: prosciutto, mushroom, caramelized onions and arugula pizza with pinot grigio sausage, as well as pepperoni and mushroom. Both pizzas are topped with fresh mozzarella cheese.


  • Pre-made flat bread or home made pizza dough (As shown, pre-made naan bread).
  • Sauce of choice
  • Your favorite toppings (cheese, meats and veggies)


  • Make the pizza dough or use prepared pizza dough
  • Prepare the grill for high direct heat
  • Prepare a small bowl with olive oil and brush the olive oil on the crust before placing the bread on the grill
  • Flip the bread after about 2-3 minuets (or until bread is hard on the side touching the grill)
  • Top the pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, and anything else you wish
  • Once the cheese has melted and the toppings are nice and hot, remove the pizza breads from the grill and enjoy with a nice side salad.

Chef Notes:
Your favorite toppings – have items already prepped when you preheat the grill
Typically, I do not shut the grill until the end, when I am ready for the cheese and toppings to melt into the bread or dough.


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