Vacation Close to Home at Southampton Club

Gaston County’s Premier Private Tennis and Swim Club

GA!: With summer right around the corner, what does Southampton have to offer local families?
Taylor: At the Southampton Club, summer is our favorite time of year, and it is when the pool takes center stage. Nothing is better on a hot summer day than sitting poolside with your family and friends. If you were to ask a member, you would typically hear that the social aspect of the club is a favorite of many. There are always friends for the kids to play with, beer or wine for mom and dad, and good conversations with friends. It really is like a vacation at home.

GA!: The total makeover of the club is obvious to members, but share with us some of the renovations and updates you have made that someone thinking of joining may need to know.
Taylor: We have kept with the core concept of the club – tennis and swim – which was preferred by the founders some 30 plus years ago. However, we have cosmetically enhanced the look and feel of the club, and we have brought back much of its former glory. We have completely modernized the clubhouse and gym and improved the aesthetics of all the club grounds. What was once aged and worn is now state-of-the-art. In addition to the physical upgrades, we have also added to the social aspect of the club by increasing the number of teams, events and parties.

GA!: As owners, you and your wife work at the club exclusively as a full time job, correct?
Taylor: That is correct. Elke is our tennis director and oversees all the tennis clinics, camps and lessons, while I focus more on the administrative functions of the club and oversee the grounds maintenance and renovations. It is a 24/7 job, but when you do what you love it hardly seems like work. We could not be happier with the club, our members and the local community.

GA!: What makes Southampton the most appealing private club in Gaston County?
Taylor: We have a strong niche market for families looking for an upscale private club experience, but without the exorbitant prices, which are typically associated with private clubs. We tend to think of ourselves as a boutique-type set up, catering specifically to swim and tennis enthusiasts, and doing each of the two very well. It comes down to value, and for those looking for a high-end club experience at a reasonable price, Southampton cannot be beat.

GA!: This looks like a great family place to enjoy all summer, but what about adults without children? What can Southampton offer them?
Taylor: While we are definitely family-focused during the swim season, we have quite a few retired couples and active adults that also take advantage of the pool during the summer. They enjoy the social aspect, as well as fitness activities such as swimming laps and using the gym facility. Southampton has something to offer just about everyone who enjoys either swimming or tennis.

GA!: Tell us about your swim teams.
Taylor: Our swim team competes in the local GISA swim league and is the perfect introduction to swim instruction for children of all ages and abilities. While we do compete, the focus is not on competition, but rather swim instruction in a fun and friendly social environment for the kids. It is the perfect way for any kid to become a competent and confident swimmer, and one that creates a lifetime of memories. The program is a fantastic opportunity for every child.

GA!: Your time and dedication to Southampton shows just by driving past the club. Do you offer tours of the property, and what steps might someone who is interested in joining need to take?
Taylor: Thank you for asking. The first step for a family interested in joining would be to call the clubhouse at (704) 867-8081, or email [email protected] and schedule a private tour at a time of the family’s convenience. More information can also be found at our website, Also, for the first time – and probably the only time – we will be offering a $0 initiation special for first time members, which makes now the best time ever to join the Southampton Club.

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