A Dentist’s Family Tradition


GA!:  Dr. Blowe-tell us about yourself…
Dr. Blowe:  I’m a Tarheel born and bred. I attended college at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I received undergraduate degrees in Psychology andSpanish. I also attended UNC Dental School where I met my husband, who’s also a dentist. I spent so many years in Chapel Hill that it will always be a place close to my heart. However, Gaston County will forever be “home”. I grew up in Bessemer City and my parents still live there. My husband and I moved to Belmont after we finished school. It is really wonderful to finally be so close to my family and work so close to home.

GA!:  Dr. You have a degree in Spanish?
Dr. Blowe:  Yes. I speak fluent Spanish. I spent two years of college studying abroad in Seville, Spain, and it was a wonderful experience. Learning Spanish in a classroom is entirely different than using it to navigate a foreign country. It definitely gave me a whole new level of understanding of the language. At the time, I didn’t fully appreciate what a great skill I had mastered. Being fluent in Spanish allows me to be able to communicate with an underserved demographic of our community. I am really excited about being able to incorporate that skill into dentistry and serve Spanish speaking patients in my practice.

GA!:  What other services do you offer or specialize in?
Dr. Blowe:  I come from a family of dentists. My father is a dentist, I have two uncles that are dentists, AND my husband is a dentist. In my family, we know dentistry! I consider myself very lucky We offer all general dentistry services to meet a wide range of patient needs: cleaning, sealants, fluoride treatments for children, x-rays, oral cancer screenings,dental fillings, tooth extractions, crowns, bridges, and full or partial dentures. We also offer a variety of cosmetic procedures such as Zoom! Whitening, veneers, and Invisalign. We offer comprehensive dental care and serve patients of all ages: 1 to 100. As long as they have teeth, and…if they don’t have teeth, I can fix that too!

GA!:  Why would a new patient choose you and Blowe Family Dentistry?
Dr. Blowe:  I pride myself on giving patients honest information that allows them to be a vital part of the treatment process. I always take the time to help them understand what we are doing on each visit and why we are doing it. That is what I think most sets us apart from other offices. Blowe Family Dentistry is a comfortable setting with a caring and approachable staff. We work together as a team to make every appointment a relaxing experience. I know that may be a foreign idea for some people, but this is a misconception we try to change every day. I don’t think going to the dentist has to be something people dread.

GA!:  What’s been the funniest or most unusual thing that has happened to you as a dentist so far?
Dr. Blowe:  Dentistry isn’t usually considered a “funny”profession, but people might be surprised at some of the things that happen in a dentist office. One of my favorite stories to tell is about a patient who called the office and needed a new set of dentures because their dog had eaten the old set! I’m sure that most people thought that dogs only ate homework!!