Between 2 Rivers Music Festival

GA! Met Recently With Paul Hendricks & Chad Hutcheson Of The B2R Music Festival.

To Find Out More…
GA!: First, let’s talk about what, when and where.
Chad: It is an all day music festival benefiting two great charities on North Main Street Downtown Belmont. The event is October 13th and runs from 2pm to 10pm.
GA!: This is you’re the second year for the festival, is that correct? How–and why- did you get started?
Paul: It started as a collaboration between some local music lovers and ourselves. Chad had the idea of having a second anniversary celebration in his parking lot with a few local bands. The next thing we knew, we were blocking off main street with 11 bands, some from as far away as Austin, TX.
GA!: There is a committee involved…are those local music lovers?
Paul: There is a committee made up with different people with their own special skill set. Brian Deal is our entertainment coordinator, Monique Prato is our Volunteer coordinator, Chad handles the food and hospitality, and I handle the marketing of the event. We all become stagehands on the day of the event, though.
GA!: Belmont is pretty well known for its’ beach Friday nights, how is this different?
Chad: Friday Night Live is a great concert series and great for Belmont, and in no way do we want to take away from that. That is why we schedule our event away from any weekend with a Friday Night Live. Our event features many bands crammed into one day with their own original sound that differs from the beach music sound we are used to hearing at downtown events in Gaston County.
GA!: What kind of music can we expect this year?  Is there a theme?
Paul: Expect a blend of Americana, Southern Rock, Country, and what we like to call Texas “Red Dirt” Country
GA!: Is the music lineup different this year?
Chad: Almost completely different. The only returning band from last year is the Piedmont Boys from Greenville, SC. Both our Headline and Opening acts hail from Austin TX. Our other bands are from Charlotte, Salisbury, and Gaston County’s own Josh Fosdick Band.
GA!: Who are the charities involved, and how do they benefit?
Chad: Our charities are Gaston County Hospice and The Wounded Warrior Project. These charities will receive all gate proceeds along with a portion of the proceeds from the Between 2 Rivers Century Metric Bike Ride the morning of October 13th. The Wounded Warrior donation is being made in honor of Maj. Joseph McCormick.
GA!: How are you able to contribute 100% of the gate proceeds to charity?
Paul: Easy answer, our corporate sponsors. We are fortunate to have many members of the local business community, most of them right here in Gaston County, sponsor our event. The sponsorship money goes towards everything from appearance fees, stage, lights, sound, etc.
GA!: Will there be vendors, food, etc.-and should I bring a folding chair?
Chad: Just like last year, there will be a variety of food vendors on Main Street, plenty of cold drinks, and of course, a beer garden with the latest “Octoberfest” offerings. Definitely bring your folding chair. Our stages are set up this year at opposite ends of main street facing each other, so claim your spot in the middle and turn your chair around after each band’s set!
GA!: What makes your festival different?
Paul: The fact that you can pay $10 for a whole day of great music, and that $10 is going to make a difference in someone’s life.