Being An Effective Entrepreneur


By Preston Wilson

Entrepreneurs are often recognized for their ability to revolutionize industries and environments through the power of thought and ideas. Their minds are extremely focused and goal oriented. This is incredible; however, it can also be detrimental if not kept in balance. We have recently come to the realization that to be an effective entrepreneur, you must not only have a healthy and ever developing mind and spirit, but also a healthy body.

Over the past 5 years, my wife and I have given every bit of mental effort that we have to developing our businesses.  We have spent all of our time strategizing, studying, and applying every plan that we could possibly devise to progress and bring security and stability to our business endeavors and all who are connected to them.  To outsiders, our businesses appear to be prosperous and innovative, and they are.   But they couldn’t see was what was hidden within. We were exhausted. We had committed our minds, yet neglected our bodies. The attention that we gave our bodies was just to appease them- 3 trips through the drive thru every day, 6 diet drinks a day, gallons of sweet tea every week, and too much time behind the wheel and behind the desk. We were the couple that worked 70 hour weeks.

Our bodies couldn’t keep up with our minds. As do most entrepreneurs, we have tremendous goals and will do everything within our means to achieve these goals. As you probably have learned in the business world, most great things don’t happen overnight. They require time, years and decades. We began to think long term and realized that our bodies would not last to keep up with our minds to accomplish all that we set out to do. We watched one of our greatest mentors, who is looked up to by millions of people throughout the world, give of himself to the point of major anxiety and heart issues last year. Your dreams will be challenged, and even shattered if you and those directly involved don’t take the time and effort to ensure a healthy body. What entrepreneur has time for self inflicted health issues due to bad dieting and lack of exercise?

My wife and I have been committed for several months now to strengthening our health and bodies to be able to live the long lives that our dreams require of us. We have joined a local health club and work out with a trainer twice a week. We have experienced tremendous results in the way we feel and respond on a day to day basis.  Our commitment to our health may seem a little extreme and our devotion to our endeavors as well, but any change that you make in the right direction to preserve your health will be recognized as beneficial in time. Take time out of your busy schedule to exercise. Think about how much and what you are putting into your body. You will appreciate the results and time you redeem in long life to see your dreams fulfilled.