GA: What is Cherubs Café? Sister Nancy: Holy Angels opened Cherubs Café nearly 20 years ago in Downtown Belmont – we like to say we are the heart of Main Street. Our mission statement reads: Cherubs Café provides vocational training … Continued

Poached Eggs

This month I will focus on the poached egg. This one simple style of cooking an egg can be used across a multitude of dishes.

Watermelon Salad

It’s great to be back in the pages of Gaston Alive! I love the new format – – it gives me so much more room. My favorite seasons are fall and spring, but summer’s not over just yet. There’s still … Continued

Peach Trifle

Peaches, peaches! If you live in the Carolinas in late July, you are in peach heaven! Whether you buy them at the grocers, a roadside peach stand, or are lucky enough to pick from you own trees, peaches are a summertime … Continued

See Jane Bake

A mother-daughter duo and their marvelous desserts.